Draft Mike Bloomberg for President 2008

Draft Mike Bloomberg as an Independent candidate for the US Presidency in 2008

THE NEWSWEEK FEATURE: Bloomberg 2008 Newsweeks November 12th Issue features the Mayor as the potential candidate to beat in 2008. The Revolutionary. Bloomberg in Newsweek

Bloomberg 2008 video by Matthew Guercio. Read Matt's article Big Bloombergs: Five BIG Reasons Michael Blooomberg Can Be the Next President of the United States.

“… a rotten political culture that rewards sellouts and sycophants, and I've just always thought that we can do better.”

We are American citizens representing the entire spectrum of political ideologies. We are not sponsored nor endorsed by any political or ideological organization. Our backgrounds and beliefs represent the vast range of the unique American experience. We do not hold agreement on all issues, but we share a common goal .

Our common alliance and purpose is to build a popular citizen's movement supporting Mike Bloomberg as our choice for President of the United States.

This nation needs a chief executive who is more concerned with what is right and just instead of what is most popular. We need someone who can govern toward real results and true progress instead of party rhetoric and political agendas. We need someone who has the vision, experience and passion of a true and demonstrated leader .

We believe that American voters are tired of the politics of exclusion. We demand that those who govern this Country have greater motivation than their own ambitions. We want a President that does not make decisions based on party platforms, backroom deal making, and political payback. We want an independent thinker that will broaden civic participation and not be beholden to campaign contributors and special interests.

Our next President faces the daunting task of putting the country back on track on many domestic and international fronts.

Our society is at a turning point. Our international leadership has become confused and directionless. We are no longer the shining beacon of freedom and justice to our fellow nations. Our poor stewardship of our natural resources will bring a new age of environmental catastrophe unless drastic, thoughtful action is taken. We have yet to find meaningful, productive solutions to our biggest social concerns: poverty, crime, the sick and uninsured, ignorance. We believe we can do better than sustain a bureaucracy whose sole purpose is self preservation .

Mayor Bloomberg, America calls upon you to run for President of the United States.

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